Light Up The Hills – Call For Artists

Jun 21

2019 Light Up the Hills – Call For Artists

PROPOSAL ENTRY DEADLINE: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 5:00 pm.

The West Shore Arts Council (WSAC) is seeking proposals for an artistic concept, designed to be an illuminated feature (installation/sculpture/artwork) at the fourth Light Up the Hills festival. This event will take place on Saturday, September 21, 2019, in the Westhills community in Langford, BC.

EVENT DETAILS: Light Up the Hills is a family-friendly outdoor festival of light presented by the West Shore Arts Council and Westhills. Held after dark, the featured illuminated artworks will create a spectacular glowing effect throughout the community. Event participants will walk along a designated path, passing by various performances and artworks, and using hand-made lanterns to guide their way. This community-focused event aims to showcase the creativity of local artists, musicians, and performers.

ELIGIBILITY: All artists must be residents of Victoria, BC or surrounding regions and must be 18 years of age or older.

SELECTION: Artists will be selected by members of the Light Up the Hills planning committee based on their design. Priority will be given to artists living in the West Shore communities.

The West Shore Arts Council strives to continually reach out to include new artists in our various events. If you are an individual or group (art installation or performers) who has not yet had an opportunity to work with us, we would especially like to hear from you!

NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE: Artists will be notified by August 2, 2019 through email.

A minimum of three selected artists/artist groups will be granted fees at a minimum of $300 which may be increased by the adjudicating committee and is intended to cover material costs and time invested.

It is envisioned that a cheque will be given upon completion of the artwork/installation. If advance funding is required, please advise.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Proposal submissions are conducted via email to


Proposal must include:

  • Images: Illustrated plans or detailed drawings, representing varying perspectives of your installation/sculpture/artwork.
  • Information Sheet: Artist name(s), email address, mailing address, phone number, proposed title of work(s), dimensions, medium(s), and timeline for completion (see below).
  • Proposal Description: Include as much information as possible, such as the color, texture, and other formal elements and conceptual basis for installation design. Mediums proposed for use need to be clearly defined. All work proposed must be the artist’s original concept and design.
  • Budget: Include an outline for all materials to be used, time invested, and associated costs.
  • Artist Details: Artist’s statement, summary of studio practice and preferred mediums, biographical statement, CV, and portfolio of recent work.

Include all images in JPEG format and all text documents in PDF format. Send complete proposal in a compressed file (zip file) renamed to lastname_firstname_lightupthehills (FOR EXAMPLE: Smith_John_lightupthehills) via email to

DESIGN OPTIONS: There are two options for your design:

  • A free standing installation;
  • A site-specific installation designed to be incorporated into the landscape.


  • Lighting: All lighting used in the installations must be LED. No live flames or incandescent lighting will be accepted.
  • Dimensions: All freestanding installations must be a maximum of 8 feet wide x 8 feet deep x 10 feet high. There is no minimum size requirement but it must be large enough to have impact on viewers in an outdoor setting. Please contact the Arts Council if further definition is required.
  • Installation: Artworks must be transportable to the site by the artist. Artworks may be kinetic, but not motorized, and require no maintenance by the arts council staff/volunteers.
  • Medium and Material Limitations:
    1. No floral and plant materials. No hollow reed basketry, bamboo, bird/insect nests, logs, large branches (dried or newly cut), driftwood, pieces of bark or bales of hay. Permitted woods are milled or manufactured woods as purchased at a hobby or lumber store.
    2. No food items (including but not limited to: fruits, vegetables and spices).
    3. No feathers, fur, or skins.
    4. No handwoven, handspun textiles, fabrics or fibers (including raw cotton). However, manufactured textiles or fabrics (because they have been treated) ARE allowed.


  • Artists are required to provide a progress update by Wednesday, August 21. This will include photographs of the artwork in progress.
  • Artists are responsible for the transportation, drop-off, set-up, and pick-up of their work. Works must be fully assembled and ready for display at the assigned location by 4:00 p.m. on September 21. Pick-up of the works will occur after the event concludes at 9:30 pm on September 21.
  • Artist will bear costs of incoming and outgoing transportation.
  • Artists are encouraged to be present at the event itself (September 21, 7:30-9:30 p.m.).

EXHIBITION AND PUBLICITY: Images of the selected works may be featured on the West Shore Arts Council and Westhills websites. There may also be a feature in the Goldstream News Gazette and in the West Shore Arts Council newsletter. Credit will be given to the artist(s).

SALES: Work is not required to be for sale. If work is for sale, artist receives 75% of sale price.

QUESTIONS: For more information