With other community members who care about the arts, culture and heritage.


With the community in the development and support of local cultural programs, projects and events.


To the sustainable economic development of the region, culture and heritage in community health and wellness.


Your own art/artistic interests with a personal web page under our website.

West Shore Arts Council Group Grants: In previous years, West Shore Arts Council Group Grants were given to member groups to help fund their activities. The money was part of funding acquired from the BC Arts Council. In Spring of 2017, the West Shore Arts Council received notice that the BCAC had changed its policy about use of such funding: arts councils may no longer disperse funding to member groups via “grants in aid”. The West Shore Arts Council will endeavour to find other methods of assisting member groups to achieve their arts programming. Anyone who values Westshore community arts, culture and heritage can join the West Shore Arts Council.


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