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LETTER: Juan de Fuca arts society has big plans

More work needs to be done to keep the arts culture alive and well on the West Shore

Goldstream News Gazette - David Stocks, August 2, 2017

Re: Our View (Gazette, July 19).

Thank you for your supportive editorial. As you correctly observe, the West Shore has a rich recreational infrastructure but arts infrastructure has taken a back seat.

Your readers might be interested to learn that a group of arts enthusiasts has been working for more than a decade to bring an arts and culture facility to the West Shore.

We are the Juan De Fuca Performing Arts Centre Society.

We envision a comprehensive arts and cultural centre that includes a theatre to satisfy regional demands.

Our work has been supported by all West Shore municipalities and the West Shore Arts Council.

We are planning to take significant steps ahead in the next year.

Our studies, and the advice we have received from successful performance centres, indicate that our centre must be located where it can meet the needs of the performers and clients.

Artists and performers need support from businesses such as arts supplies and instrument repairs.

Audiences need convenient coffee shops and restaurants. Touring companies of performers need nearby hotels. Significant commercial components will be needed to provide revenues to support the centre. Students, performers, and audiences will need frequent public transit.

The entire centre is being designed to be economically sustainable.

Now that JDF PACs has become a registered charity, we are busy applying for grants so we can hire experts to help us.

West Shore arts enthusiasts are welcome to join us in this work. Write to for details.

David Stocks,

President of JdF Performing Arts Centre Society 


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